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It's an election year and there's a Bush in the White House, making one thing certain: Al Jourgensen's got something to say. Having released a new album of anti George W anthems entitled Houses of the Molé, Ministry's leader is taking it to the nation, currently heading up the Evil Doer tour with My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and Hanzel und Gretyl. Al speaks about the current mission, as well as future plans in an interview conducted via e-mail with Rock Star Journalism.

Rock Star Journalism: While Ministry has always been political, this is the first time you've tried to register voters while on tour. What made you want to take this on this time around?

Al Jourgensen: Because of my association with, the opportunity to register voters at our shows was made available to Ministry via Music For America volunteers. Most of our volunteers sign-up through the Ministry website --

RSJ: How did you get involved with Music For America? Are you still involved with

AJ: MFA came via and Scott Goodstein at Punkvoter. I told Scott my idea of registering voters at Ministry shows, and he hooked me up with MFA and Dan Droller there.

RSJ: How do you plan to reach kids that don't think there's any point in voting -- that all politicians are basically the same?

AJ: By bringing Jello Biafra out with us on tour! He is very inspirational, and you cannot walk away from a Jello spoken word feeling apathetic!

RSJ: Having always used political imagery in Ministry's stage show in the past, how are you utilizing multimedia on this tour?

AJ: Well, we have a Bush impersonator who I kick the shit out of every night. It goes over really well.

RSJ: You had previously announced Skinny Puppy as your partner for this tour. What happened to those plans?

AJ: Didn't happen. They wanted to wait til mid-October to tour, and having just released Houses, we couldn't wait that long to get out on tour.

RSJ: How did you choose My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and Hanzel und Gretyl to join you on this tour?

AJ: Groovie Mann and I go way back. We talk all the time. It evolved naturally. Hanzel und Gretyl came to us via Jimmy Archey and his lovely and talented wife, Dianne, who sent music and press kits to us, and HuG showed up at our NYC record release party Metal Edge threw and, hell, we hit it off!

RSJ: How did the recording process for Houses of The Molé differ from that of previous albums?

AJ: No Barker. More guitars and no drugs!

RSJ: Houses of The Molé seems to be a more guitar-driven album. Had you consciously been wanting to move toward this sound, or did it come about as a result of Paul Barker's absence, given that you've said he was responsible for most of the programming?

AJ: That would be the gist of it, for sure. Also, we created songs together as a band, kinda old skool garage jamming. It was a blast and extremely rewarding for me.

RSJ: Have you been happy with Sanctuary Records?

AJ: I have been happy, yes. I don't think you will ever find any artist that is 100% happy with their label -- it's just the way we are.

RSJ: Since you were so closely involved with Wax Trax, have you ever thought about getting your own label started?

AJ: Hell ya! Just lookin' for that certain someone to finance the upstart. I have so many projects on deck right now I cannot wait to get back into the studio.

RSJ: After being in the business for so many years, what do you still feel you have left to accomplish?

AJ: More records, produce. Film scores. Books. Teaching. Lots of tricks up my sleeve still.

RSJ: How did you originally get set on the path of becoming a musician, being that you have a Master's degree in history?

AJ: I don't have a Masters degree in History, a BA. Masters and PhD yet to come, one day. I was supposed to be a baseball star, coz I'm Cuban, right? But had an accident, got laid up and picked up a guitar. The rest is history.

RSJ: Having done several styles of music, what genre do you think leaves the most room for creativity? Which is your favorite genre to work with?

AJ: Merlots and Bordeauxs.

RSJ: You've recently spoken about working with two of your side projects -- Revolting Cocks and Lard -- when will we see albums released from these projects?

AJ: That depends on touring, but I hope 2005, early 2006.

RSJ: You released a recent Revolting Cocks track on the Internet for download. How do you feel about downloading music in general?

AJ: It's not that futuristic. It's a throwback to recording Dark Side of the Moon onto a cassette off the radio. You eventually go out and buy the damn record!

RSJ: In another interview you stated that you believe bands will utilize the Internet more in the future, that "instead of garage bands, you will have internet bands." When do you see this happening? Is this something you see Ministry doing this in the future?

AJ: I've soundproofed my website already!

RSJ: You've said there will be two more albums for Ministry. Are the details of these albums already set down, or is that more of a broad future plan?

AJ: No comment. Some things are sacred.